Osvaldo Enrique Garizabalo Retamozo

72 Years Old
From Bocas de Aracataca, Magdalena

Osvaldo has been a fisherman his whole life. In the past, a single day’s catch was sufficient to feed his entire family, and he sometimes had enough fish leftover to sell at local markets. After the displacement from their native town of Bocas de Aracataca by paramilitary forces, everything has been harder for Osvaldo’s family.  
    Every two weeks he ventures out to fish for up to six days at a time in his wooden canoe, searching for a catch deep within Santa Marta’s Gran Cienaga
    This livelihood, however, requires Osvaldo to invest roughly $100,000 Pesos ($33 US) a month on supplies for an average return of $300,000 Pesos ($97 US) — money that is spent sustaining his family of 12. Now at 72 years of age, Osvaldo is tired and wants to stop fishing, he says, but it is hard to find any other line of work in the area.

Everything you see here [El Oasis] is made by the pulse of our own hands, everything.